We Understand Our Customer’s Needs

Your feedback is one of the key drivers for our business. It helps us enormously to constantly improve our products and services and, ultimately, to realize NTD’s customer-focused vision. So we want to hear from you, even if it’s about things that went wrong. That way we can get busy making improvements that will result in real changes that benefit everyone.

Changes like the ones listed here…

Faster delivery.

We listened: Our delivery times have always been pretty good but faster is always going to be better. 

Automation and integration.

We listened: We’re constantly looking for ways to give our customers more control over their sourcing and solutions.

Faster, focused support.

We listened: You want problems resolved quickly and efficiently. You want to find the right person to help you and for them to understand things from a customer perspective.

A better online experience.

We listened: The old NTD Electronics website had many issues you didn’t like ranging from its non-usability and content to its design and feel. This new website has it all – and it’s just for you.

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