A Brief Prospectus About
No Time Delay (NTD) Electronics

Lead Forming
Taping and reeling
Component PC Prepping
Bridging to Tolerance Requirements
Complete Kitting for your Production
Exchange of Technical Information for Research and Development

Thank you for your interest in the professional services of NTD Electronics. We would like to take this opportunity to give you a brief idea of the advantages of choosing NTD Electronics as one of your preferred suppliers.

NTD Electronics is an Independent Kitting House and broadline stocking distributor. We deal with a full line of manufacturers to meet your company’s bill of materials. Enclosed is our brochure with a list of all components we carry as well as the manufactures. We deal with over 1000 manufactures worldwide. SERVICE, pricing, product and availability are priority for our customers. We have the technical capability to work with your engineering department to assist with your new designs and manufacturing applications.

Our business is service, with the expertise in quality products, knowledge and commitment to customer support and service. We know how busy you are and the heavy workload you may have; so let NTD Electronics do the work for you.

We look forward to establishing a good working relationship with you. We know it will be beneficial to both of our company’s now and in the future.

Nick Jesson